What makes a real estate company?

14 January 2019
Jeffrey Wagman

A company is business made up of lots of legal documents that have to be registered with the applicable government bodies. There are shareholders, leaders, managers and workers.

You know what really makes a company? The people who represent it. Without a cohesive group working towards the same goal, no matter your position in the company, without this, it is only a company by name.

As Realtors, we represent a company. Yes, we are independent contractors, but so what? We are people who need to network together and help each other. It’s not only about the money, its about the accomplishment. If the company prospers on all levels, then we all prosper.

There are companies filled with individuals who work in complete isolation, only for their own benefit. I get it, that’s one model of a company.

Back “in the day,” we as Realtors were employees of our company and truly worked for it and the others around us.

We can’t go back to those days, but we can try each day to incorporate some of that old mentality into our future.

Be a part of your company, and not a silent member. Help the young agents coming into our business. They are not a threat to you, but an asset. You can learn a lot from them.

Think about all the knowledge that can be gained by combining both seasoned agents and new agents with fresh ideas. The seasoned agents will help ensure the future of the company by embracing the “new.”