Your clients and loyalty

05 May 2017
Jeffrey Wagman

Are you expecting to have loyal clients in the real estate sales world? You will need to put in a lot of years to get a few.

It’s not a negative thing, but most people look after themselves first, not you. I have learned that for every 10 years you are working in this business, you would be doing well if you retained two to three loyal clients per each 10 years. That’s not a lot of loyalty, but that’s the cold hard truth.

I tell you this because in this business, you can’t rely on anyone. Nothing is for sure and nothing is a “given.” You may have sold multiple homes to a client over the years and suddenly on MLS you see the house you helped them get for sale with another agent.

First, you will take it personally and be hurt and dumbfounded. The steam inside your head burns with thoughts of, “How could they do that to me?” Once you have calmed down you will realize they didn’t do it to you. They did it for themselves, as they should.

It’s a business where thin skin can get burned badly. After it happens a few times, it still hurts, but you get past it faster and better equipped with a new energy. It’s like when I coached my kids’ hockey and the other team gave one of my players a cheap shot and received a penalty for it. My player initially got mad and wanted to retaliate. I suggested the best revenge is to put the puck in the net and a goal on the scoreboard.

It’s similar in that when your former client lists with someone else, you feel energized to get another listing or buyer and work with them.

It’s important to know that no one is immune from this. The best in the business deal with it too. Hopefully after reading this you will be better prepared for when it does happen.