Have you paid your dues?

20 March 2017
Jeffrey Wagman

In Toronto we are experiencing an unbelievable market. Mostly everything for sale sells and fast. What a great market to work in. For those who are new to the business, less than three years, you are set! Or so you think. Do you have enough experience under your belt to really advise your clients properly? In other words, have you paid your dues?

Dues are basically hard work. I mean really hard work! Getting out there and “pounding the pavement” work. Along with this is learning, failing, succeeding, being humbled, feeling despair and experiencing letdowns.

Every occupation has a period at the beginning where “dues” must be paid. You are not exempt from this even in a good market. In order for you to have long lasting career, you must pay the dues at the beginning. This is when you admit to yourself that you don’t know everything and that you want to learn.

By paying your dues at the beginning, you are building a solid foundation for your long term career that will surely pay large dividends down the road. If you don’t pay your dues, the foundation you build will be on straw. We can all see where that will go.

When the market changes from what it is today, will you be prepared to guide your clients properly?

If you are new in the business and even if you have found instant success, don’t forget to pay your dues along the way. It will help you stay grounded.