Protecting your clients’ interest

03 March 2017
Jeffrey Wagman

We all understand that the residential part of the real estate business can create some very close relationships, but how close is too close?

This is a business first, and sales reps need to remember that fact. It’s natural that working so close with families can draw you in, but this is where you need to make some separation between you and your client.

The reason I’m saying this is because when it comes to negotiating, you need to remember this is a business negotiation. The other sales rep involved for the seller or buyer is not your enemy! In fact, they are your ally. We often get so caught up in protecting our client that we forget this.

The question becomes, “What are you really protecting?” Are you protecting your client or your client’s interest? I say the latter is more accurate.

If you are protecting the interest of your clients and not them personally, you will be less likely to get into an emotional conflict with the other sales rep. Now I understand that things can get heated sometimes in these negotiations, but this is where you need to step back and evaluate what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Remember: After a deal is done, your clients move on with their lives as do the other sales reps’ clients. The two salespeople are left with more business to conduct and likely will be negotiating together again, instead of against one another.