Are you confident or arrogant?

14 February 2017
Jeffrey Wagman

There is a distinct difference in the qualities of confidence and arrogance in a person, but often the qualities crisscross with each other. It is imperative to recognize the difference when dealing with people.

Maybe you have confidence in yourself, but how are you portraying that to others? Are you coming across as arrogant? Check and make sure you aren’t. Confidence is something one should never be ashamed of. Confidence is a wonderful quality in a person and can help create successful relationships, both personal and business.

When you need a lawyer, wouldn’t you want them to be confident in their abilities? How about a doctor, an accountant or your financial advisor? I would.

Now what if those people were arrogant? Does that change your impression? Do you still want them to represent you?

If I needed a life-saving medical procedure, I wouldn’t pay attention to the doctor’s demeanour as much as I would to his ability to save my life. If he was arrogant, I really wouldn’t care. It would be the same for a lawyer who was defending me from a potential lengthy jail term. If they are the top of their field, then so be it. Arrogance is not my concern because I’m not looking for a long term relationship here.

Now let’s look at real estate salespeople and brokers. If I’m looking for a real estate professional, I would like to have the best, yes. But if he’s arrogant? Not a chance because there are many other very qualified professionals that I’m confident I could find.

See how I used the word confident? You don’t want to be arrogant. You want to be confident and display this to your clients, but be careful not to cross that fine line to arrogance. Being confident is easy. It’s an approach that makes the client feel they are being looked after by a true professional who puts his clients first.

There it is. The arrogant salesperson puts his or her interest first. The confident salesperson puts his or her clients’ interest first.

Know the difference and it will pay you large dividends.