Your clients and loyalty

05 May 2017
Jeffrey Wagman

Are you expecting to have loyal clients in the real estate sales world? You will need to put in a lot of years to get a few.

Have you paid your dues?

20 March 2017
Jeffrey Wagman

In Toronto we are experiencing an unbelievable market. Mostly everything for sale sells and fast. What a great market to work in.

Protecting your clients’ interest

03 March 2017
Jeffrey Wagman

We all understand that the residential part of the real estate business can create some very close relationships, but how close is too close?

Are you confident or arrogant?

14 February 2017
Jeffrey Wagman

There is a distinct difference in the qualities of confidence and arrogance in a person, but often the qualities crisscross with each other. It is imperative to recognize the difference when dealing with people.